Futures Program

Jeffrey Byrne + Associates, Inc. is pleased to offer its Futures Program, offered to nonprofit organizations seeking to enhance their financial security through the promotion of Planned Giving.

The Futures Program provides many benefits to your organization:

  • Educating your Board of Directors about the merits of a Planned Giving program and the benefits it can bring your donors, your organization and ultimately those you serve
  • Creating a Planned Giving plan, tailored to fit your organization and its capacity
  • Identifying donors to your organization who are the best prospects for making Planned Gifts
  • Developing a marketing strategy to effectively promote Planned Giving to current and prospective donors
  • Establishing appropriate policies and procedures to oversee your Planned Giving program
  • Your JB+A consultant engaging in one-on-one interviews with your strongest Planned Giving prospective donors to promote their participation in Planned Giving for your organization

“Since we have a small shop and limited manpower, it’s often difficult to achieve all we’d like in our development program.  Fortunately, we have been able to partner with Jeffrey Byrne +Associates and have benefited greatly from their knowledge and experience in Planned Giving.  Through their Futures Program and our relationship with them, we have tapped into a wealth of expertise that meets both our needs and our budget.”
– Sonya McLelland
Administrative Director of Foundation, Marketing and Public Relations – Cass Regional Medical Center

If you would like to learn more about Planned Giving and the benefits of the JB+A Futures Program, please contact Jeffrey Byrne + Associates at 816.237.1999, Futures@FundraisingJBA.com.